Helmut Newton eat your heart out

I’ve been very stressed lately.  In light of that, I’ve taken to frequent bathing, in spite of the environmental implications.  I discovered some Shiseido bath tablets in my mother’s bathroom when I was visiting last weekend.  They were unused and she explained that a Dutch harpist had brought them and some other matching products as a gesture of appreciation.  I showed interest and she re-gifted gladly.  To my surprise, the pleasant enough smelling tablets contained a lot of yellow3-6-9 or whatever they put in fruit roll ups these days.  This chartreuse color is reminiscent of a ’69 Porsche that once belonged to Timothy Leary, in which my mother learned to drive on a trip across the alps sometime between ’69 and ’71, not sure.


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4 responses to “Helmut Newton eat your heart out

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  2. sam

    that is a really pleasing color to me, for some reason. when i was a kid, my mother thought i was color blind because my favorite color was chartreuse and when we were shopping one day, i brought her a hideous dress (probably puce or maybe salmon or some other kind of offensive color) and started freaking out and begging her to buy it for me. well, she’d had enough (is there anything worse for a clothing designer to have a daughter with no taste? prob not…) and started flipped out and pulling dresses from the racks yelling, “what color is this?! what color is this one?!” unfortunately for her, i am not colorblind. just tacky!

  3. saddleshoos

    one time in France in ~1986 I made my mother buy me a yellow outfit at United Colors of Bennetton. She didn’t want to buy it for me and said I’d never wear it. It was yellow pants, a yellow shirt, and a yellow belt. Maybe there there were more articles of yellow that came with but I’m not sure. The yellow was close to a marigold, but not as pretty, yet deeper than lemon.

    It’s still a joke in my family that I proved my mother wrong and wore that outfit constantly until the pants practically looked like shorts.

  4. sam

    omg i almost fainted at the thought of little you in a little yellow outfit…too cute. CUTE OVERLOAD!

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