The $25million view

I recently had the privilege to take a private tour of a 4?5? story mansion at the Western end of Pacific Heights in San Francisco.  The property abuts the Presidio.  The original home contained a spring-floored ballroom on the top floor.  Since then some tacky people with no taste turned it into a gym.


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3 responses to “The $25million view

  1. sam

    oh, was it my parents’ house? just kidding, our gym is in the basement!

    ps: look how many comments i’m giving you. somebody’s bored…

  2. sam

    also, i listlessly glanced at your “blogroll” (whatever that is) while that comment was posting and i really thought “le touch bikes” said “let’s touch bikes” and i got excited but then that’s not what it said at all. i want to touch bikes.

  3. saddleshoos

    Le Touch bikes does touch bikes!

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