Detrital rant: Sometimes I get annoyed when people leave me a long voicemail with no content but the random noises of their going-ons.  Sometimes I didn’t want to hear from that person in the first place. Oh milly.

Annnnnyhoo, today was mostly lovely.  I had an AMAZING brunch at Citron on College.  I don’t know why that place isn’t just bursting at the seams on Saturday on Sunday (while the greasy spoon Rockridge Cafe is so packed that two parties of aggressively Oaklandish people cut us in line to sign the wait list for a table–and their tuna melt isn’t even that great).  And perhaps for that reason I shouldn’t be blogging about it…yet still I must.

R and K and I enjoyed a leisurely meal there at approximately 12 noon PST.  No line, no wait.  About 6 of the tables were occupied.  I would say that the atmosphere has a distinct “those in the know” quality, as in “nobody except for us knows how [hella] Jongerius this place is for brunch.”  The decor is appropriate and unfussy: muted earth tones with nice white table cloths.  A white table cloth is practically a prerequisite of civilization to me.

The menu is of beautiful art-nouveau inspired design.  Your choice: two clearly articulated breakfast and lunch menu options, hence brunch.  Options range from Meyer Lemon-creme fraiche pancakes to chilaquiles verdes.  The wine list is extensive, as are their options of side meats: house made chorizo, Citron’s Sage Breakfast Sausage, Serrano Chile Chicken Sausage, Neuske’s Apple-wood Bacon or Madrange French Ham etc.  Also available if you don’t mind being paralyzed for your entire Saturday is a gorgeous assortment of breads and pastries that comes with soft sweet butter and, of course, home made jam.  With a Mimosa it’s just a to-die-for way to start the weekend. 

K had the pulled pork sandwich, R had the chilaquiles verdes, and I, after quite an intense session of carbonara last night at Oliveto (I’d never seen it on the menu there and just HAD to try it), opted for the falafel plate in an attempt to eat light.  Citron is VERY continental/international fusion as you can see, but I think appropriately so, especially for such a post-modern meal as brunch.

R polished off the beautifully plated chilaquiles verdes with pork, guacamole, and crema, faster than you can say rimpletide.  That dish is tried and true. [I would also at this time interject that the Red Flannel Hash is amazing here.]

K was thrilled with the pulled pork and hand made potato chips, which were also hand-seasoned.

I was extremely impressed with my falafel plate, given that I had reservations about my choice of order.  My falafel was appropriately balanced between the dry and moist ends of the falafel spectrum, had many pleasant and clearly articulated flavors, and was served with three salads: a classic yoghurt and cucumber arrangement, and baba-like eggplant amalgamation, and a refreshing shredded carrot one dressed in vinegar.  In addition there was some beautiful holier-than-pita-style-pita on the plate and a reasonable portion of fresh arugula.  Arugula: how can you go wrong?

We walked away pleasantly full for $20 per person (no spirits were consumed). 

I consider it one of the best deals in Rockridge.  

But I must add: I find the service at night to be EXTREMELY spotty and I have had some unpleasant experiences in trying to eat dinner at this establishment.  That said, I’m a HUGE snob (rightfully so) about service at anything attempting to be described as a nice dinner.  Therefore I dine almost exclusively at Oliveto where the service upstairs is Outstanding.


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