First Fashion Post

I love fashion, but it is really a stretch for me to blog about it.  I’ve thought about it, thought about my 2 new pairs of Fendi shoes (they just fit my feet well, which is not to say that I didn’t buy them for fashion’s sake, but that the day I can fit my odd-shaped feet into a pair of Louboutins or Marc Jacobs is the day pigs fly), my recent acquisition of a vintage Carolina Herrera gown, and my addiction to YSL/Chanel style (in some cases authentic YSL) tailored button-downs with flow-y, mutton-y sleeves cinched at the elbow.  But not until tonight have I felt just right about writing about any of it…until now.

As we were finishing off Bittersweet Chocolate cake, Vin Santo with Almond and Fennel seed Biscotti for dipping, and the Caramel Ice Cream with Vanilla Salt, at approximately 10:15PM when two French men were seated at the table next to us [this is the equivalent of having a well dressed couple get seated at a 2-top next to you at 12:30 after a long night at the Met, while you have been drinking at a 6-8-top with your friends since 9:30 at a restaurant downtown on the LES, and it’s a stodgy enough place that it’s emptying out by that hour, so it’s kind of awkward when they are seriously considering the wine list and your friends start screaming out jokes involving genitalia].

One of them pulled at the sleeve of R’s jacket as he was getting up from the table and said: 

“I have somezing to say to you!”


“I LOVE zees jaquette!”

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