My First Scooter Ride

Tonight I enjoyed a new mode of transportation home from dinner.  I came very close to renting a scooter in Florence when I was 20, but I was too scared due to my lack of knowledge of the Italian language, combined with my confusion (which exists to this day) about how scooters don’t just knock you off all the time (you don’t have to balance like a bicycle? you do?).  Also it’s not part of my *culture* to ride motor-driven vehicles with only two wheels.  But R., to my vague disapproval, purchased one recently, and when given the opportunity, I just couldn’t resist.

Here’s me preparing to ride: Here’s a shot of us firing up to go:And here is us as a streak of motion: SO MUCH FUN!  But not so much fun that I need to do it, any time soon, or in order to get from point A to B.  Plus the length of my dress made for much nervousness when I started to thing about the square-inch-age of bare skin exposed to pavement moving fast beneath me.


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3 responses to “My First Scooter Ride

  1. rimpletide

    that was fun. I think we should do it again. wear jeans.

  2. sam

    picturing r. on a scooter, i am not shocked. but you on a scooter? for some reason, v. shocked. i am proud. my dad has a one of a kind louis vuitton outfitted harley, LET’S RIDE! just kidding. we’d totally get beat up!

  3. sam

    ps: does he ride that to work? i’ll bet it cuts the commute in half.

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