You Learn a Lot About Your Mother When She Comes to Stay

I was out to dinner with my mother and R. and C. tonight.  (I JUST FINISHED MY FIRST DAY AT ——!).  For those of you not in the know,———- is a college for females, and offers coeducational graduate programs.  I remarked on how thrilling/unusual/amazing it was to walk around a campus of all females (not to mention all young, attractive, well-dressed females) and of course the first thing everyone wanted to know was about Lesbians (which is the first thing most people under 35 ask me about when I say I go to ——).

So we were sort of casually discussing that when my mother (who had gone to my neighborhood Trader Joe’s to shop for a dinner she decided not to make due to the heat) said, “Oh yes, well I was ogled about 3 times at TJ’s this afternoon!”


“Oh yes, I was.”

Not knowing exactly how to respond to this, my brother and I stared with our jaws on the floor at my 63-years-young non-plastic-surgery-practicing beautiful mother in silence, and she said:

“Maybe it was my shirt?”

To which I replied that it was the Straight-est shirt I’d ever seen!  R. chimed in: “Oh yeah mom, you definitely look like someone who either LIVES in Hancock Park (Los Angeles) or who USED TO LIVE in Hancock Park!”

Judge for yourself:


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2 responses to “You Learn a Lot About Your Mother When She Comes to Stay

  1. rimpletide

    This photo is really perfect for this wonderful post. Look how M__ exhibits her rings. And as the eye naturally scans downward along her dainty digits, a lovely (floral) cloth fan case!

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