They aren’t just for long division people. 

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

I cut too much camelia, had some extra rosehip, and also cut a bunch of lavender from the front thinking that I would include it in my garden rose arrangement.  It turned out that the lavender “broke” the garden rose arrangement, as we say in the business, and I didn’t end up using it.

So I grabbed my new silver-plate tall footed vases and threw the remainders in:


Now I’ve previously instructed you not to uses frogs or oases when you’re starting out.  BUT, here’s a secret: my remainder elements weren’t tall enough on their own for this vase.  So I used a common flower trick: crumple up some plastic (I used the old grocery bags that collect under my sink from the times I forget my cloth, waiting for a need that seems to never arise) and push it into the bottom of the vase.  Simply fill with water and arrange as you normally would.  Another view:

The pen and ink drawing is by Vashti Windish, who also runs the incredible Live With Animals Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. The frame is custom from Frame-O-Rama in Berkeley.

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