Friday Arrangement

After a long week at the office all I want to unwind is an hour or two to do some FABULOUS arranging!  I had such an urge yesterday I cannot even tell you!

This is what I came up with:

As we all know, our country has hit tough economic times.  I challenged myself to make a totally fabulous arrangement that would cost me next to nothing to make (at least for me to produce given my personal horticultural resources).  I would sell this arrangement in Rockridge at Bloomies for $45 (including cost of the container, not including tax).

What’s in it: 1 stem Lemon Leaves, 2 stems Camelia leaves, 2 stems rosehips, 5 garden roses (these retail in Rockridge at $17.50 for 5 stems).  Of this list, only the rosehips were purchased at retail.  The rest is from my garden.  

Another view is at right.

I took this one because I wanted you to be able to see the container, also from my personal collection, a mason jar.  It’s great to use different unexpected containers from around the house.  It can be very charming.

You also get a little peek into the interior architecture of Rockridge.

In spite of a fear of redundancy, I just can’t HELP myself from including the second picture at right too, which is only ever so slightly different from above.  But aren’t the roses just too gorgeois? I just want to EAT them!

The roses are from my favorite bush I have.  It’s been in the front yard forever probably, at least long before we bought the house. In terms of blooms she just produces and produces.  She’s like a good Catholic woman; she just keeps popping them out!

Below is the gorgeous afternoon light coming in through the window in my front door.  I just couldn’t resist!!!

(And in the picture below hat amazing pink bud in the front is a Lemon blossom…smells soooooo good!)



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  1. KRB

    i especially love the last photo. so pretty!

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