The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Here’s Maureen Dowd having a crack at Palin.  

And rightfully so.  Is this pro-life anti-environment hockey mom actually going to fool the Hillary die-hards?  Wasn’t Hil’s biggest selling point to all the swing voters her EXPERIENCE???

What makes Palin worse than Rummy, Cheney, and Bush put together is her bullshit politicking about how she’s breaking through the glass ceiling like king crab fishing boats break through the ice in her home state.  The comparison to Ferraro is offensive, not to mention all that sucking up to Hillary in her Dayton, Ohio speech.  “Determination and grace?”  Give me a break.  What are we talking about here, a debutante winning the badminton tournament?

Worst of all is her advocacy for opening new areas to oil drilling, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

But isn’t it great when woman step back and do what they’re supposed to do: empower men by subverting the equality of their own gender?  Paint themselves in the tradition of our beloved Madonna and the whore? Palin wants us to know that she takes care of her kids and wears go-go boots (but if you look at her wearing her go-go boots you’re a letch for noticing).


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3 responses to “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

  1. jem

    Good afternoon:

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  2. Good evening:

    I would like to start a bidding war with jem for the information on this picture. How much will you take for the goods, Saddleshoos?


    • saddleshoos

      I have done countless searches but cannot find the original source of this image. If you do your own search you will find many Christian blogs about the symbolism of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Perhaps that is what you are looking for? -no, yrs

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