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Leafy Greens

Have you been eating enough leafy greens?  Can you ever eat enough?

I made a kale salad tonight, that I rendered from memory based on a kale salad of my mother and father’s making, which was in turn adapted from Diabetic Monthly.  I know, I know, Diabetic Monthly.  But SERIOUSLY.  You have to try this.  Anyone who has ever had a plate put in front of them at my family home knows we don’t mess around. 

What I did:


Early Girl Tomatoes (3 medium sized, diced), 1 Large Bunch Curly Kale, kalamata olives, shallot, sunflower seeds.

Dressing: Mustard, garlic, rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, olive oil

In a large bowl mix a dollop (approx. teaspoon or larger) of mustard with a generous splash of soy sauce and one large minced clove of garlic.  Add a generous splash of rice vinegar.  Taste.  Adjust soy/rice vinegar ratio to taste.  Add about a tablespoon of sesame oil for flavor (it’s too thick to do for the entire oil portion of the dressing).  Add olive oil so that the oil to other ingredient ratio is approximately 1:1.

Then strip the kale from the hard center spines of the leaves.  Wash, dry, and chop roughly.  Put in the bowl with the dressing.  Chop tomatoes, add to bowl.  Dice about a third to a half a cup kalamata olives (depending on how salty or olive-y you like things).  Throw those in the bowl.  Dice one shallot, add to bowl.  Throw in a third to half a cup of sunflower seeds and toss.  

Let sit for about 10 minutes for the kale to absorb the flavors of the dressing and other ingredients (kale is like the opposite of any lettuce you would usually use for a salad, it will stay crisp and absorb flavor rather than wilt under dressing).

Those Early Girl tomatoes were AMAZINGLY sweet.  I mean really sweet.  Like let’s make a tomato crisp for dessert sweet.  Wow.


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Last week, when I was on an over-worked over-socialized blog hiatus, I. and I took R. and A. out to dinner to celebrate R.’s first published news article in a national newspaper. Not to mention the front section!

We all went and had a feast at Kirala, arguably the East Bay’s foremost Japanese restaurant.  For a non-urban, mid-level sushi place, Kirala really puts effort in, and I respect that.

I love their dishware: 


and the classic sake presentation in a bamboo carafe:

The seaweed salad is amazing here:

I. and I fought over some shrimp heads:


And of course great sushi

The hamachi was amazing that night.

It was one week ago tonight, and now I’m re-living it in celebration of R.’s THIRD article published in the Tribune!!! Go Rimpletide! So prolific I can’t even keep up.  

Here’s the second…

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One Man’s Weeds

I parallel parked on Virginia Street in Berkeley today and got out of my car to find this sprouting out of the sidewalk:

Little white scabiosa!  I LOVE scabiosa.  In fact I’ve been on a search for them at local flower shops, so naturally I was very tempted to yank a few of these out of the cracks of the sidewalk:

So pretty.

Check out more colors and images of scabiosa here.

The dried pods look amazing in autumnal arrangements too…get ready for Fall!

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Guest Blog: Morning in Pasadena


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Like Candy

I just have to show you these hydrangea.  They just look like big sugary ball of cotton candy to me!  Love it!

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Out and About in Rockridge

Since this blog is called “A Rockridge Life” I feel compelled to blog about “Out and About in Rockridge,” an annual street fair on College Avenue.

They do a good job.  There were strong presentations by many of our local vendors (my fave of course was Oliveto’s spit-roasted Willis Farm pigs!):

Spite-fired pigs are exciting.

Aside from that, I’m not a big fan of street fairs, though it’s a great event if you have little ones.  And it does sort of kick off the Fall season in a nice way.  Here’s to another fall in Rockridge.

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Guest Blog: Getty Center LA

photo by George Washington Brown

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