Things that soothe: SLH

Small Luxury Hotels of the World.  These places are so soothing.  I. and I stayed at the Hana Maui, a SLH, on our honeymoon.  We had rented what looked from the web like a really soothing private home in Hana, but when we arrived found that was actually a gecko and large spider-of-many-sorts-infested cabin submerged in the rainforest with no beach access.  The Hana Maui, otherwise known as my #1 soothing spot, came to the rescue.  The staff is amazing; mellow, sweet, and accommodating.  Their property is breathtaking, the food local and fresh, and the spa one of the best I’ve ever been to.  








One of the most phenomenal things about this place is the way it encompasses the drama of a Pacific/Northern California ruggedness with the soft white sand and light blue waters of Polynesia.

What is not pictured her that is truly to die for is the lava rock oblong hot tub in the spa part of the campus.  If the lava rock is sounding painful, you can rest assured that the inside of the tub is lined with smooth dark blue tile and that the lava rock detail is just a beautiful dramatic border.


I. is currently staying in a SLH in Brussels.  Here’s the lobby:

Definitely a different vibe from our beloved Hana, but still soothing (anyone who has been to Brussels can probably agree that Brussels, in general, does not soothe, and that the Hotel Manos might be the closest thing to soothigness there).


Other SLH destinations that look to be soothing:

Hotel Desconocido in Puerto Vallarta



UUUHHHH! I want to go to Machu Picchu SOOOO BADLY!!! I offer the Cusco Hotel:


And of course nothing really soothes me like the South of France.  It’s in my blood.  But not those tacky tourist traps like Cannes and St. Tropez, the heart of Provence, bein-sur.  This place looks SO INCREDIBLY SOOTHING TO ME.  It is also near Roussillon, one of my top soothing destinations.  Le Bories:

Provence is just too good.  Look at this (from Hostellerie du Vallon De Valrugues)

I’m going to force myself to stop, but this has opened the floodgates to a Provence-themed blog.

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  1. soother1978

    holy shit , i got away for 10 days and you have a “things that soothe” category!!!?!?!?


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