Taking the Marm out of Schoolmarm

I’m taking the SWEETEST class at grad school.  GUITARS in the Classroom!  It’s AMAZING.  And they give you a guitar!!!  The class is through Mills but is administered by a non-profit organization called, you guessed it, Guitars in the Classroom.  

Basically, we sit around singing children’s songs, spirituals, and folk songs and brainstorm how we can use our guitars in our classrooms for teaching.  And everything is in open G, so it’s a lot of strumming and singing and pretty light on the whole “playing guitar” angle.

It’s possible I’ll be proved wrong (it’s happened before) but I’m thinking, who says you stop liking sitting around singing songs just because you’re in Middle or High School?  

Dude, Clapton, eat your heart out.  Here’s from the Guitars in the Classroom website:

But check these guys: They would dig it, right?

They are Band Epsilon and by the looks of it they all play guitar.  

So what do you all think?  Would a jamming Saddleshoos inspire you to learn?

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