Healthdefy: Aloe Vera Juice

“Healthdefy:” To defy the normal parameters of mortal immunity and health; to get healthy ex. I’m going to eat kale and brown rice tonight; it will be totally healthdefying*

One way I like to healthdefy is by taking a daily dose of Aloe Vera juice.  1-2 tablespoons cleanse the body and ward off possible infection. That’s all I ever knew about it until I Googled it and found a handy website that lists 10 reasons to drink aloe vera.  My favorite reason would have to be #9: Provides Rapid Soothing.

I personally drink Aloe Life in the Orange Papaya flavor, which can be found at most health food stores.  I got this bottle at Pharmaca (I was initially against it in favor of Elephant, but I changed my tune.  Pharmaca indubitably soothes, especially when it is 3 blocks from your front door).  If you are closer to Grand Lake, go to Lakeshore Natural Food.  It’s always in stock there, and Lakeshore is a truly independently owned and operated store.  I love it.  FWF=F*ck Whole Foods.  That place is whack.

Reason #11 to drink Aloe: it keeps you from getting the cooties from the kids at school.

*a Saddleshoos word; a Saddleshoos definition

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