Things that Soothe: Lagerstroemia Indica

Commonly known as crape or crepe myrtle (both variants are used), Lagerstroemia Indica is a thing that soothes.  Specifically it is a tree or shrub that soothes.  Lagerstroemia Indica is blooming in Rockridge.  I went on a little hunt to find a blooming version in my neighborhood yesterday, as a little break from the books.  Here’s what I found:

Now if only residents would be more sensitive and not part next to the most fabulous crepe myrtle in the neighborhood.  LOOK AT THAT COLOR.  Fashion’s on my brain.  I see a Vena Cava evening gown in forest green and hot pink.  UUH!

I was really hoping to get a whole view of a street with crepe myrtles blooming on either side, but this is as close as I was able to come yesterday: 

This is the lavender-colored variety, and if you look closely you can see the trees beginning to bloom.  Obviously not as dramatic as our friend at the top, but LOVELY.  Here are more details: 

Give us a few more weeks and it will be unbearably blooming.  Check back for more Lagerstroemia Indica pics to come…I feel a full blown obsession coming on. 

Now who knew that being a blahgher would require me to upgrade my photog skills. I’ve been getting all up in manual and iso’s on my mini-digi.  It’s not easy to capture all the beauty.  

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