I thought I was excited when I saw R29’s coverage of the after party

and then I saw the CLOTHES.

Vena Cava really delivered this time. I’ve always been a fan, but this is some of their strongest work yet.  You can tell that Buhai and Mayock have come into their own as designers: there’s no holds barred here, they are doing what they love and the clothes show it.  Simultaneously bolder and more palatable than any previous collection, they offer us the pinnacle of ancient civilization to wear on our backs: Egypt.  

Wear these clothes hard with Elizabeth Taylor eyebrows and a stride that says “I’M WORTH IT DAMMMIT!”

Congratulations ladies.  

See the entire collection at


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3 responses to “WOW

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  2. sam

    beer bongs are my favorite thing

  3. sam

    oh and i cannot forget my other favorite thing: a quality keg stand

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