When the market is bad…flowers can soothe

What a day, what a day!  See you all in the bread lines…

But until then, let’s keep enjoying what relief nature can bring us.

I wouldn’t exactly call this an “arrangement” but it is some beautiful flowers in a container that lift my spirits.  The purple is commonly known as monkshead, due to its shape.  The latin is Aconitum carmichaelii ‘Arendsii’ and the small white flowers are tweedia.  I LOVE tweedia.  I just love how “garden” (used here as an aesthetic term to mean naturally beautiful, as if straight-from-the-garden) tweedia is; small blooms, soft green colored leaves and strong stocks.  The latin is Oxypetalum caeruleum.

And just a tad more close-up:

The above is white Tweedia, which is wonderful, but the blue is more easy to find most of the time.  This is what the blue looks like: 

It looks SO gorgeous with Cecil Bruner roses, just the two together are UUUHH!!  AMAZING!  Here’s the Cecil Bruner:

The tweedia looks bluer, and the Cecil Bruners pinker, than either actually are in real life.  They are both softer in person and GORGEOUS together, the cool playing off the warmth.  Amazing. 

And to follow up on flower of the day, this white version of Japanese Anemone is commonly found in the Rockridge area, sprouting up in everyone’s gardens.  It looks so classic and totally gorgeous.  I need to plant some for next year.

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One response to “When the market is bad…flowers can soothe

  1. soother1978

    wild, you really know how to put a stock market crash in soothing perspective


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