Don’t you want to know why I want to be a teacher? Part II

Reading and Writing Rationale Statement: Limited to 1 Paragraph


Why do I believe reading and writing are important? 

Reading and writing are important because they are the roots of power in the modern world.  We, both as individuals and communities, can use reading and writing to become empowered and to challenge power structures that are currently in place. 

Why are reading and writing important in the discipline I teach?

Reading and writing are the major tasks of the discipline of English and Language Arts.  In addition to reading and writing you must speak.  Your ability to comprehend words, put thoughts into writing, and use your voice will enable you to express your ideas  to those around you.

What does it mean to be “literate” in the discipline I teach?

To be “literate” in English is to be able to make meaning from texts, both narrative and expository.  To be “literate” in English is to be able to convey your ideas in writing.  To be “literate” in English is to be able to verbally communicate with others. 

How do I explain the importance of reading and writing in terms that are meaningful and accessible to students?



This paragraph should be something you could include in your course syllabus or first day handout to students and parents.

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