A Rockridge Morning/Back To School Night

As I. gets fit on Wii, I am madly assembling a teacherly ensemble.  

I’m sparing you the shot of him in his underwear on the Wii platform, nunchucks in hand. 

Tonight is BTSN: Back to School Night.  Otherwise known as the first day of school for teachers (what should I wear?  will they like me?  will I make friends?  is someone going to tease me?).  Working with parents (a part of teaching that I actually love) is kind of like the holy grail of being an educator.  So I’m picking my outfit carefully.  Unfortunately, the perfect planner that I am, I just put everything in the wash and haven’t ironed and sent everything else to the drycleaners (something I rarely do–why did I do it this week?).  So options are limited.  I’m going with BR (Banana Republic) head to toe.  Kind of embarrassing but effective when in your teaching persona.  Wide leg light gray trousers with a silk blouse.  Hard to eff up.  

A Saddleshoos/Rockridge life secret: I never shop at BR.  It’s too expensive for what it is.  For all of Saddleshoos’ snobbiness, Saddleshoos is a huge cheapskate.  Major admissions are being made.  Neither of these pieces cost more than $20.  I get most of my school clothes, and many others, at the Crossroads location at the corner of College and Shafter.  And, call me crazy, I LOVE this blouse:

Look at that subtle and conservative collar!

And that mutton-y sleeve!

The one aspect of my outfit I have reservations about, and that I would NOT wear on a regular day, though I feel OK about it because it is BTSN is the metallic flats: 

But I think it’ll be OK.  The silver color blends with the light gray of the slack and is mostly covered by the wide-leg trouser aspect anyway.  

Alright, wish me luck!  Saddleshoos will be quieter today than usual, but I promise to be back soon with more exciting reporting from Rockridge.  


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10 responses to “A Rockridge Morning/Back To School Night

  1. soother1978


    wild I never knew this blog would teach me so much about you

    yet randomly that blouse DOES soothe

    you sure know how to pick ’em

    Keep the spirit true

    send me some ICI

  2. jan

    Saddleshoos? What is this? I’m confused wild…

  3. jan

    All I can say: I hope the return of school won’t conflict with the daily posts. I need my dosage.

  4. soother1978

    more people need to comment here. we need a dialogue dammit!


  5. sam

    i have to agree – that blouse is soooo soothing, and i am sure you will look absolutely beautiful because you always look absolutely beautiful, duh. and you are totally soothing to parents i bet. i bet you would soothe my parents. they’re always acting up.

  6. sam

    oh ps: you really, really need to look at this website. it makes me laugh all the time

  7. saddleshoos


    ARockridgelife is Saddlshoos’ blog. Saddleshoos is my internet moniker. It was originally invented so that I could post on Rugby blog: http://rugby.com/newsroom/default.aspx?ab=top_nav
    With their devotion to all things prep, I just thought Saddleshoos was apropo. And I was required to wear a whole lot of saddle shoes growing up in Hollywood, for which I was teased mercilessly.

  8. soother1978

    now this is a fucking dialogue

  9. sam

    haha “moniker”

  10. sam

    oh ps: guess what i learned the other day? what an “avatar” is! i’m totally getting internet savvy. remember when you taught me what an “emoticon” was at dinner?

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