More Dessert Gifts!

I love them!  Keep them coming!

Look what I got tonight: lovely chocolate cookies from my dear friend and new future neighbor in Rockridge.

She always does such a fabulous job with wrapping and presentation of home-baked goods, NOT an easy task–I respect the job she does IMMENSELY.

Here’s another view:

They are amazing.  They have the look and consistency of those fabulous tea cookies your mom used to get in the tins from England; the super buttery ones covered in coarse sugar.  Except the dough of these has lots and lots of good cocoa powder.  Wonderful extemporaneous exploration.  With thanks to the maker baker. 

China by Haviland.  


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3 responses to “More Dessert Gifts!

  1. soother1978

    “China by Haviland.”


  2. jan

    All these neighbors! This is a wild land wild lives in.

  3. sam


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