The Hydrangea Tour of Alameda Island

Every morning on the way to work I spy from the road these AMAZING bright blue hydrangeas.  In the early morning light they look more violet–almost cobalt against that brick.

So far there hasn’t been a morning that I’m quite early enough to stop the car in morning traffic to capture the early morning cobalt look of these, but even in the midday sun these are pretty amazing.

The next ones are right up the street.  They are HUGE.  Definitely as big as my head, and a unbelievable chartreuse.

That’s how much Saddleshoos loves you.  She conspicuously takes pictures of hydrangeas in residents’ driveways.  But look at the size!

That photo is a little blown out, but do you see the amazing orb shape of these?  And look how heavy they are:

Their heads are so big they are dragging the entire bush to the ground!

Alameda is a small island off the East Bay coast of the Bay of San Francisco.  It was the home of a large, now non-functioning US Naval Base.  I teach 6th grade on Alameda Island. 


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2 responses to “The Hydrangea Tour of Alameda Island

  1. sam

    WOW! those are breathtaking.

  2. Thank you for bringing us this beauty and your power to see it!

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