First Sports Post

Yesterday evening, R.,C., and I convened at Cato’s on Piedmont Avenue to watch history as the Yankees played their last game at Yankee Stadium and defeated the Baltimore Orioles.  We wondered about David Simon, drank a pitcher of Pilsner (or two), failed to complete the crossword puzzle, and I ordered a plate of Buffalo wings.  I LOVE Buffalo wings.  Strange guilty pleasure left over from my days working as an investigator for the City of New York.  Not a bad way to wrap up the weekend, though not exactly typical of A Rockridge Life.  Especially since I’m not a Yankees fan.  OK NY readers, bring it.  You know I’ve always hated them, so don’t act shocked.

Not exactly like the ones I used to get on Wall Street, but pretty good.

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  1. soother1978

    this is a very different kind of soothe

    I respect it

    I ate a plate of Buffalo Wings at the ORIGINAL HOME OF BUFFALO WINGS IN BUFFALO NY

    it was wild, vicky B from beach house really enjoyed it

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