Last week, when I was on an over-worked over-socialized blog hiatus, I. and I took R. and A. out to dinner to celebrate R.’s first published news article in a national newspaper. Not to mention the front section!

We all went and had a feast at Kirala, arguably the East Bay’s foremost Japanese restaurant.  For a non-urban, mid-level sushi place, Kirala really puts effort in, and I respect that.

I love their dishware: 


and the classic sake presentation in a bamboo carafe:

The seaweed salad is amazing here:

I. and I fought over some shrimp heads:


And of course great sushi

The hamachi was amazing that night.

It was one week ago tonight, and now I’m re-living it in celebration of R.’s THIRD article published in the Tribune!!! Go Rimpletide! So prolific I can’t even keep up.  

Here’s the second…

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  1. sam

    i do love kirala but as far as service and gyoza go, it’s akasaka all the way. it’s my favorite restaurant i think.

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