Opening at Live With Animals in Brooklyn

Against Nature surveys Sebastian Mlynarski’s attempts at revisiting Romantic notions of the search for one’s true self through a connection with nature. These photographs document his travels and an investigation into the basic human need for an interventionist force that might offer comfort and guidance. During this inquiry Mlynarski was confronted with nature’s indifference, which in turn forced him to accept his own vulnerability. He pointed his camera towards a void and found his own reflection in it. He experienced nature as a backdrop of confrontation of who we really are. Nature strips us of our persona; we are left with our mere essence, flesh, blood and bone. 

On Christmas Eve Mlynarski drove by a burning car on the side of the road as nature mutely witnessed him witnessing the accident. There were no other cars on the road, and nobody in the burning car. He took the picture and drove off. 

Sebastian Mlynarski lives and works in New York City.

Against Nature opens on Oct 3rd at Live With Animals
7 – 10PM with performance by members of Ghost Exits.

Closing Oct 26th 7-10pm with performance by Sahra
Motalebi at 8pm

Live WithAnimals
210 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Open Saturday and Sunday 2pm-7pm and by appointment.

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