A Busy Day

By 8:00AM I had done a series of aerobic exercises including “Super Hula Hoop” on the Wii.

By 9:30AM I had changed my name, applied for a new license, registered to vote, promised my organs, a posed for a photograph: Oakland DMV.

By 9:45AM I made it to Bakesale Betty:

Bakesale Betty is SUPER Oaklandish (Oaklandish often=cheesy earnest hipsters and not necessarily high quality…this requires a more full explanation, to be continued in another post).  For that and many other reasons I resisted the lure of the place and even called it overrated.  But now I’m all in.  Their pecan shortbread is phenomenal.  Plus they inevitably give you free stuff every time you go there.  How can you beat that?

The fun really ended there for quite a few hours.  But how damn good does fried chicken look in the morning?

The night ended with an aborted mission to Ici (it was closed, which I kind of knew, but was holding on hope) a stop at Videots on College (actually I. went in and I stayed in the car), and a craving for some maki from Manpuku, which was strangely open at 10:15PM.  Good to know.  

[Perhaps the post could be more accurately titled: Cravings.  No, I am not pregnant.  Thank you.]

PS: Saddleshoos did not partake of anything from Bakesale Betty’s, nor ice cream, nor fried things of any kind.  Saddleshoos ate more kale salad for dinner tonight (kale salad=good dinosaur food) and is concentrating on exercising her over-thought, under-active self.


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3 responses to “A Busy Day

  1. soother1978

    god those sandwiches soothe me hard


  2. sam

    i had my first bakesale betty’s fried chicken sandwich the other day and, like…market hall is stupid for trying to rip that off. i tried to eat a market hall fried chicken sandwich one time and it made me sick to my stomach. i was nauseated the whole day! but the bb original…smooth sailin’! i didn’t even feel too full after.

  3. sam

    also…call me a jerk but…i hate oaklandish.

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