I’m Rarely Jealous

But Mrs. Blandings Flair Annual find has me a little on the green side.

I was lucky enough to be given several original issues of Flair back in 1999 when I was working the desk at Hollyhock.  A kind client thought it was darling that a teenager shop girl thought Flair was “it” and brought in a couple watermarked copies from her attic for me. 

But this Flair Annual has my vintage copies beat.

Here’s an image of the open book:

Some amazing garden illustrations:

and an owl with a butterfly for a face:

I just love that owl.  It’s like kitsch crossed with fashion crossed with botanicals.  LOVE IT.

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One response to “I’m Rarely Jealous

  1. Don’t be envious! Be diligent! They are out there. And the owl illustration is Salvadore Dali. I’m not really helping, am I?

    p.s. I am actually filled with envy that someone GAVE you the original issues. While you worked at Hollyhock. Envy x2.

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