There Are Certain Readers…

who are fond of commenting on A Rockridge Life to a personal email address belonging to someone who may or may not know, or may or may not be Saddleshoos.

If you are one of them, be warned.  Your comments will now be posted by Saddleshoos in post form here.

Re: Cheese Time

did you forget to ascribe cheese’s
soporific quality as the practicality
of making Cheese Time a nocturnal
Cheese also prevents cavities in
enameled teeth, due to its bio
this is something miss saddleshoes
should ponder.

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One response to “There Are Certain Readers…

  1. Ben the Elf

    Will said commenters also be assigned hilarious monikers that at once poke fun at some aspect of their personality/bodily shape or function, and give us all a nudge-wink idea of their actual identities?

    “Actual identities” is not something that should ever be written, but I fugging just wrote it.

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