We Have A Lot Of Work To Do

You can’t all drop everything you are doing right now and become a teacher.

BUT you CAN and you MUST wake up tomorrow morning and pledge to do one thing, one small thing, for a needy public school.  


The children in our needy public schools are the children who are left behind, left behind enemy lines, not presented with opportunities, fail to learn, and end up the victims of our prison industrial complex.  This is the condition that perpetuates racism and injustice in our society.  

What you can do: 

…if you have $: http://www.donorschoose.org/homepage/main.html ANY amount is welcome.  $5 can help teachers fund projects and opportunities often beyond the reach of our public school budgets. 

…if you have time: walk down to your local public school and offer to volunteer: tutor, provide admin help, offer to speak to kids about your job.  Children need to see what is beyond the classroom walls and too often aren’t given the opportunity. If you need ideas, contact Saddleshoos, or visit http://www.idealist.org/ I typed in “San Francisco, School” and came up with dozens of opportunities.

Do it for a Rockridge Life.  There’s a complimentary copy of Dewey’s Experience and Education in it for the first reader who takes action.

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  1. ramarydee

    Again, YES! You make this easy for me! sending love

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