The Eucalyptus of California

I love the history of the eucalyptus in California.  Like almost everyone here, it immigrated here from somewhere else.  The eucalyptus came to California in the late 19th century.  Ellwood Cooper, a resident of the Santa Barbara area, was a eucalyptus enthusiast and was among its proponents.  Robert L. Santos, the librarian and archivist at Cal State Stanislaus has written extensively on the subject of eucalyptus and Mr. Ellwood Cooper:

Cooper was president of Santa Barbara College, a small private school. On the occasion of a library benefit, November 26, 1875, he delivered a stirring lecture on forests and spoke of his favorite tree, the eucalyptus. In his address, he argued that California, and alas, the world, needed the eucalyptus for the planet’s well-being. He believed that a perfect climate could be generated by planting the right vegetation in the proper locales. To quote, he wanted to “moderate the winds, increase the rain, and we have perfection . . . How is this to be done? By planting forest trees.”

I too enjoy the eucalyptus, though perhaps I’m not as passionate as either Mr. Cooper or Mr. Santos.

Eucalyptus trees in silhouette in the afternoon sun on the 101

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