Artist of the Day: Aurelio Martinez

I picked up this album a little over a year ago when I was traveling in Belize.  It’s brilliant.  

A little about Martinez:

Acclaimed for both his preservation and modernization of the Paranda musical tradition, Aurelio’s virtuosity is found in his distinctive, penetrating vocals and his talent as a composer. Aurelio was born into a family possessing a long and distinguished musical tradition in the small Garifuna community of Plaplaya in Honduras. Aurelio began playing guitar as soon as he was old enough to hold the instrument. By the age of six he was regularly playing drums at social gatherings. Inspired by his grandmother and his father, Aurelio gathered a vast repertoire, which later enabled him to develop his own style. 

Plaplaya is on the northeastern coast of Honduras.  The Garifuna culture still thrives there and throughout the caribbean coast of Central America.  Here is one of my favorite songs from the album:

Nuwerun by Aurelio Martinez

Buy the album here right now.

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