The (gulp) Madonna Inn

I. and I stayed at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo on Friday night.  While the Madonna Inn, among everything else horribly tacky and generally considered other people’s trash, is I.’s favorite place this side of Solvang, it is not my idea of a soothing getaway.  I gave it to I. as a birthday-week-month present (birthday-week-month being a long standing tradition in our family to ensure that everyone is adequately spoiled).

I. was in heaven.  Last time we stayed in the “Everything Nice” room:

The dual level room and rock wall were not soothing to me.

This time we stayed in the erroneously spelled “voux,” which is part of a trio of rooms known as a unit as “Ren,” “Dez,” and “Voux,” as in rendezvous.

This is the official picture from the website. 

While the bedspread has faded (again, kind of disturbing, not very soothing), they have updated the room with new wallpaper, which is overwhelming in the best of ways.  Out of focus, but you get the picture.

The highlight of the night was the fish at Tsurugi–REALLY impressive.  Their rice was of amazing quality as was the fish.  

The sushi was only overshadowed by our screening of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”  It was amazing.  I highly, highly recommend the film.  I was laughing out loud most of the time.

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  1. ramarydee

    omg i have to go here this shit is funny! so cool!

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