A Birthday Arrangement

I made this for my sister last week.  She’s sassy and I wanted it to be bright and beautiful in spite of the season.  When I was in elementary school, like fourth or fifth grade, KRB and I got into a similar color scheme.  It was verging on the 90s and we thought that the best color combinations included fuchsia or hot pink, lime green, and purple or turquoise.  Here’s to the children of the 80s and 90s.

Lavender and fuchsia freesia, lime green hydrangea, fuchsia spray roses, and lime green mums.

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One response to “A Birthday Arrangement

  1. KRB

    OMG. do you remember the science fair project we did in the fifth grade? It had lots and lots of fuchsia, teal and golden yellow tissue paper in sort bursts all over it. We were way into the presentation. It’s a good thing Mrs. Roe loved us.

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