Now Entering Soothistan

I got loose on Friday, got blessed on Saturday, and by Saturday evening I’d officially entered what I’d like to call “Soothistan.”

I. had stayed home all day slow-cooking.  When I got home somewhere around four or five, Alice came back over since she’d forgotten her phone charger in somewhat of a stupor the night before.  Alice, I., and I walked to Market Hall in the late afternoon sun.

While I. went off to the Produce market for kale, Alice and I perused Bloomies.  I settled on some garden roses I just HAD to have, and in a fit of ill-prudence bought both bunches.  I decided against mixing them with any accompaniments.  Why mar a great thing by interfering with another bloom that may only be “good?”

When we got home I made this: just garden roses and camelia.  Amazing.

The garden rose dome.

Still life shot in context

A close up of the gorgeous creatures

Alice and I also made it out of Pasta Shop with three cheeses and two Acme Bakery baguettes (the ONLY bread worth eating in the bay area and possibly all of California, go Chez Panisse Family).  I got two new goat cheeses I hadn’t tried, one slightly more tart than my usual Fleur Verte, and one with black truffle infusion.  I got tricked into a small wedge of D’Afinois too, but how can you go wrong there?

Then we picked up a couple bottles of red at Paul Marcus and made our way home.

I. invited A. and N. over for our feast.  I. made duck in figs and port sauce in the slow cooker.  At the last minute picked up some fresh gnocchi from Pasta Shop and threw the duck atop.  Wow.  

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