Here’s to Halloween

Obviously we here at A Rockridge Life love all things Refinery29 and Vena Cava, and therefore Lisa Mayock.

Lisa gives a mini-view about Halloween costumes past and present to Refinery29’s blog, “The Pipeline.”  She is shown wearing Bodega, c. 2007.

It reminds me of someone at a certain Los Angeles area high school who came dressed as a movie theater floor one year back in the 1990’s.  She had on all black, same as Mayock, with various candies, syrups, popcorn and stepped on paper coke cups attached to her.  Totally gross, but very effective.  Mayock takes it up a notch.  Apparently she had a soundtrack she carried with her.

ALERT: There is a size four Vena Cava dress on sale from the Fall 2007 season at Crossroads Rockridge.  It’s beautiful and apparently happiness and marriage go together with poundage, hence I will not be purchasing the dress.  It’s a steal at somewhere around $80-$100 if memory serves.  RUN!

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  1. sam

    oh my god that bodega costume is AMAZING. one year, when i was about 8, i dressed up as “mother earth” but get this: it was a sheet with a hole in the middle for my head, and i drew the earth on both sides but then i glued all sorts of trash all over both sides of it and wore a hooded skull mask. i think i had a sign with “reduce, re-use, recycle” around with me as well. touche!

    ps: did you see marc jacobs’ horrid halloween costume last year? he was, literally, a camel toe. i think it was halloween? or maybe it was another themed party. oh well!

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