Election Anxiety

My day has been fraught with anxiety that just wouldn’t quit.  After fretting and fretting and not quite knowing what to do, I am now, at the eleventh hour, writing to my California readers with one last plea:

Please Vote NO On Propositions 4, 6, 8, and 9

Proposition 4: NO.  Parental notification for abortion built into the State’s constitution.  This dramatically undermines privacy and a woman’s right to choose. VOTE NO.

Proposition 6: NO. I’ve become active in the campaign against Prop 6 based on the affect it could potentially have on youth I teach.  The funding from this measure will increase money for jails and requires anyone over the age of 14 charged with a “gang-related felony” including non-violent felonies to be charged as adults.  We need more money for education, not for jails. VOTE NO.

Proposition 8:  NO.  This builds discrimination into the State’s constitution and denies basic rights and dignity to citizens of our state.  This is an abomination and must be defeated.  VOTE NO.

Proposition 9: Victim’s Rights.  No.  Expands victim’s roles in determining when people get out of prison and makes it much harder for prisoners to get parole.  Would extend parole terms up to 15 years.  VOTE NO.


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2 responses to “Election Anxiety

  1. soother1978



  2. sam

    omg i am practically peeing my pants with anxiety and also am sweating a lot. i already voted. EVERYBODY ELSE BETTER VOTE TOO!!!!!!!!

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