Secrets to Success

8 hours of sleep per night.

Low to no intake of illicit and controlled substances.

Lean proteins.

30 minutes of exercise per day.


Doing what you love.

Knowing when to say no.

I’m not lecturing; I sometimes use the blog as a personal reminder.  In an effort to eat less red meat I haven’t been eating much protein recently and my energy has been very low.  If any of you are looking for secrets to success, you’re welcome.


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4 responses to “Secrets to Success

  1. soother1978

    but sometimes a cocktail can soothe more than anything else!

  2. Rimp’s rules to a successful life (severely abridged):

    Lots of booze
    Occasionally write a self-loathing piece of poetry
    Get into lots of grad schools
    Don’t go to grad school
    Go to Hawaii with Alice
    That’s it

    Pretty fuggin simple, non? Try it yerself, SS!

  3. sam

    i don’t have any secrets to success. mostly because i am pretty unsuccessful! maybe i will steal yours.

  4. sam

    ps: except i guess i already do one of your secrets that i am going to steal, what with the no booze and all.

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