Refinery29’s Autumn Playlist

I sound like a broken record.  I sound like a broken record.

Refinery29 rules!  Refinery29 rules!  Refinery29 rules!

Here is their thoughtfully assembled autumn playlist, with every song available for free download (go buy the albums if you love the songs).

My favorite inclusions are by Air France, Arthur Russel, Department of Eagles, Of Montreal and We Have Band.

Check out the complete list here.

Speaking of Department of Eagles, I’ve been meaning to blog about them and their fabulous illustrator Amelia Bauer.  Damn girl!  I’m digging the McCarren Park on a winter night vibe of the DoE website.


Where can I buy one?  I need it.

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One response to “Refinery29’s Autumn Playlist

  1. Ben the Elf

    That’s høTT!

    Dear Saddleshoos, I will continue to trundle on down yr blog posts and comment on each successively, going back in time, until you blog anew. I love you.

    How about a few words on the new yorker’s food issue?

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