The Search is Over

Wow, wow, wow.  Everyone wants peonies ALL the time.  They are the ultimate in lushness and pure beauty.  When I was working at Bloomies desperate husbands would come in looking for their wives’ favorite flower from June to March and walk away sorely disappointed, with ranunculus if they were lucky.  The elusive peony can usually only be found in the months of April and May.  Due to the need for a deep frost, they will not produce blooms in California, although I’ve heard of many people trying and harvesting nothing but their fabulous greens.

BUT, BUT, I found peonies at (GASP) TRADER JOES this week!!!  They had them in from Chile, and they were priced at $6.99 a bunch!!!  Peonies are tough to get in off-season for under $15 a stem.  Usually they have to be shipped from New Zealand in a tight bud that isn’t even guaranteed to open.  

So, without further ado, the TJ’s peonies:



See is believing: check out that price tag!

When I went back last night they were sold out, but I’m guessing they will get more.  So run to your Trader Joe’s and ask one of those super helpful part-timers when they’re getting the next shipment in from Chile!

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  1. Ben the Elf

    I love these kind of posts. Penny-saving, Rockridge-style! Most useful.

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