Live Thanksgiving Cooking Blog

I just found this on the NY Times.  There are probably few of you with your hands free enough to read it, but I do.  I’m actually living vicariously through it.  Saddleshoos has something of a talent in the kitchen, and a love of the process of preparing a meal.  Sadly, both of the two Thanksgiving dinners Saddleshoos is attending this year (at 2PM PST and 5PM PST respectively) will be catered rather than cooked by people I know and love with participation (for better or worse) of various blood and non-blood relatives.

Here is a funny excerpt from the blog featuring a Bay Area celeb:

Waters in the Weeds | 1:18 p.m. OK, so just so no one feels alone, Miss Alice Waters herself just called. Thanksgiving at her house is in the weeds a bit, too. She was looking for one of my guests, the chef Scott Peacock, who has yet to arrive. (And really, it’s not like my daily life is all fancy and chef-y. It’s just that I have a job that involves talking to these people. And since we are all interested in food, we tend to find each other on food holidays.)

Anyway, she had a cornbread crisis of some kind and wanted to talk with Scott, who is up in Central Park reading a poem at a pilgrim monument or something. He should be here soon.

Alice also reports that there was a granita incident involving her daughter, and that she forgot she had put the stuffing on an antique 1920s tray and then accidentally put it in a warm oven to dry.

She now has a ruined tray and a stuffing emergency.

So how is your Thanksgiving cooking going so far? Send in all near misses and disasters.

Oh, sugar. I forgot to put the turkeys in the oven. Gotta go.

Pretty good right?  I’m off to a liquid lunch if you know what I mean…

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