Two Good Sick Bed Movies

Diner (1982)

Sort of ambling, but fun.  Tough guys who don’t kill people.  Kind of like a Scorsese light or a tough version of Metropolitan.  Some good dialog, some bad acting, some great acting, and overall a fun watch.  Good sets, soundtrack, style, cast.  Kevin Bacon is fucking great.  I totally have a crush on Tim Daly.

dinerOh! And it even takes place around Christmas and features Jews!  Great holiday flick.  A little something for everyone.  

All the Presidents Men 1976

Now here’s a fucking great film to titillate you and make you completely paranoid (justifiably so).  Amazing performances.  I’ve never been so quietly and subtly put on the edge of my seat so quickly, in spite of the fact this is history and I know the story well.  Love it.  I’ll take a young “hungry” Dusty Hoffman and Robbie Redford any day of the week.  And I’m loving me some Jason Robards.



Too bad both of these movies are all about white dudes.  Boring!

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