Nevada City Soothes

Once we were able to navigate the driveway, Nevada City became the soothing Victorian winter wonderland it is at heart.  The houses are adorable and very well-kept.  Red bows, garlands, lights, and wreaths abound, which makes it all feel a lot like Christmas.  

Rain came yesterday to wash the snow away, which was a blessing given the driveway situation, but I snapped some White Christmas pictures before it all melted:



I just love the even blanket of snow on the roof.


I’m not sure what kind of tree this is but the little red berries are divine.


This one is for sale and it’s right at the top of Broad Street that runs through the old-fashioned downtown commercial district.  Quel adorable!


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2 responses to “Nevada City Soothes

  1. Ben the Elf

    I love that house at the top of Broad.

    Maybe the readers of this blog could pool funds and purchase it, a new vacation home for our beloved Saddleshoos. If we do, maybe we’ll be blessed by these charming holiday-themed posts year after year. What are your thoughts, fellow readers? KRB, soother1978, jan, I’m looking at you!

  2. And, not to be remiss, Anderson Cooper–I’m calling you out, too!

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