The Christmas Tree

We’re almost finished decorating the Christmas tree.  The scavaged and gilded leaves turned out exceedingly well.  We even found some magnolia leaves!  Here are photographs of the end result:





Lit Christmas trees are very difficult to photograph but I did my best.  We are all especially enamored with the long narrow seed pods that we glittered (the embossing glitter from Paper Source is excellent for this purpose).  I brought the garlands up from Rockridge.  They are gilded paper, available at Tail of the Yak in Berkeley for approximately $10.  I believe we only used 2 for our eight foot tree. 


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2 responses to “The Christmas Tree

  1. Ben the Elf

    SS: the photos pop and punch like a warm ginger snap and spiked egg nog Elevenses; no guest photog coulda done better. O Gilded Tannenbaum, how glorious yr filigree be. You have made this Christmas one to remember, forever. Huzzah!

  2. Also, if readers are going to “try this at home,” they should perhaps “be advised” that the “glitter” sometimes “gets all the fuck over the place.”


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