A New Addition to A Rockridge Life

I am the proud new owner of a Kodak EasyShare digital camera.  I’m always torn between the instant gratification of the iPhone picture with that of the higher quality digicam image when blahghing, but now, thanks to my new Kodak I won’t have to choose.  This baby is so lightweight I can carry it everywhere and thus bring you the fresh sharp images of A Rockridge Life you crave.  Yay!

Ironically, I have to photograph it with the iPhone in order to post a pic of it here.  


It may not be the RED Camera but it’s a red camera: ultimate hotness!

And check the size of the screen:


Thanks I-dizzle.  Mwah!


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2 responses to “A New Addition to A Rockridge Life

  1. aren’t you looking *sharp*

  2. KRB

    ooo fun. I was given a flip video thingy in familial secret santa this year. This may need to be your next move. So easy, even I can use it!

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