Things that are *hella* dope about the Bay Area, as we speak*

1. My favorite designer, the late Yves Saint Laurent, is being honored by an exhibition organized by FAMSF and The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in collaboration with the Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent, currently on view until 4.5.09 at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco.  This is the only U.S. venue.  I think the DeYoung should really have that as their current masthead on their website in large point font: 

This is the only U.S. venue.

It shouldn’t be all caps, because that would be tacky.  A simple, large-point-font announcement in a font consistent with the rest of the page would be a big enough statement of this San Francsico museum’s accomplishment: a U.S. exclusive (be it as it may a fashion exhibit, and not a fine art exhibit, but still). Information can be found here and here.

2.  I might just get crazy and go to not one, but two City Arts and Lectures events this month.  I am feeling tempted by An Evening with Amy Sedaris, just for shits and giggles, and then Gwen Ifell and Calvin Trillin on 1/29.  Are they really going to talk about race or just Obama’s transcendence of racial identity?  I mean, Obama is my Machiavellian Prince (love and curse Tupac for clouding the populace’s understanding of Machiavelli while making him a household name), and no, you can’t comment on that unless you’ve actually read the Prince…so I’m down to talk about his transcendence, but what about the fact that African Americans are completely oppressed in our country to this day in spite of legislated civil rights and now we have an African American man as president?  Now that we have the executive taken care of what is the populace going to do to support change, and how?  Am I the only one with these questions?  As I write this I’m beginning to doubt that any of this will be addressed by Ifell or Trillin, and that perhaps I should stick to the Sedaris evening.

3. Gooooooooooo Department of Eagles!!!  [Warning: I will do another, solely devoted post to DoE to promote this show haha!]  One of ARL’s favorites, Department of Eagles is playing SF’s own Cafe du Nord on 1/25.  There are two sets and this shit will be off the hinges!  Saddleshoos is considering both sets, as DoE is the type of organization loath to play two identical sets.  It’s rare that a band I like plays SF, perhaps because I almost completely loathe new music but that is another story, so the 25th will be a BIG night for me.  Perhaps the highlight of 2009.  Sadly it looks as though my cultural year will peak in January.  But hey, a peak is a peak.  

*ARL is changing it’s mission-vision.  Rather than supplying you with mundane home pleasantries such as in-season flowers and food, we will cheerily update you on everything hella dope about the Bay Area at large, featuring those events and happenings that make the Bay Area (almost) competitive and interesting on a national/international scale.  Warning to readers: if you have grown up and/or lived exclusively in LA, NYC, London, or Paris, moving to the Bay Area is not recommended if you are interested in maintaining your mental health.

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    More Flowers! More Flowers! More Flowers!

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