A Song For You and The Wackness

Bonita Applebum w/Can I Kick It Intro

Holy effing S this movie is so good:

The Wackness


I didn’t think it was possible for someone else to synopsize my life so acurately, despite the fact I am neither male nor from the UES, but here it is.  

Also, I love MK Olsen.  For reals.  That bitch is the shit.  


Check her out!  Ha!  She was seriously amazing in this role.  Probably because like the rest of us she knew hella eff-ed up rich white hippie chicks with dreads!  HA!

I mean Ben Kingsley’s character’s accent is hella f-ed up throughout but the rest is so good you just don’t give a shit.  

PS: anyone who hasn’t aimlessly ridden the NYC subway during the summer while listening to Bonita Applebaum really needs to get on that shit.  Go to Brighton Beach or something (as much as I love that subway stop I will not see that hella poor looking Two Lovers movie with Joaquin Phoenix and Gwyneth Paltrow–both of whom I can take a pass on–the trailer of which features the Brighton Beach stop).  I mean if all else fails hit a lame Irish pub on the UES and smoke a joint on the corner before going in.

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    Tom Humes

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