TONIGHT: Loudon Wainwright III

Saddleshoos and crew will be attending Mr. Wainwright’s show at the Great American Music Hall tonight.  


Mr. Wainwright has chops in the area of songwriting, humor, and blue blood.

How could you not love a man whose bio begins:

After the War (II) my father Loudon (II) came home with his bride Martha (I).1 My parents had sex and nine months later I was born albeit almost backwards.2

and contains footnotes? (not to be reprinted here).  Check out the complete (auto)biography here.  It’s a worthwhile read.  

For more information on the Great American show tonight and an alternate bio, click here.  

Tickets are still available-get them while they are hot!

Saddleshoos is venturing to the GAMH this morning to buy another ticket and thusly avoid extraneous surcharges brought on by phone and internet purchasing.  Come on out!  It’ll be a great show!  

Down Drinking At The Bar (mp3) from the album A Live One

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