Morning Coffee

Use your nice things everyday.  


I looooove Raynaud’s Jardin Celeste.  Coffee in my Jardin Celeste made my morning that much nicer.

Don’t skimp on your coffee.  My favorite is the Ethopian organic/fair trade from Trader Joe’s.  SOooooo yummy, nutty, dark, etc.



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4 responses to “Morning Coffee

  1. I’m off to buy a can of it right now…

  2. soother1978

    Was that Jardin Celeste the one I soothed you with or another?

    I just noticed that soothing small smiley face at the top righthand corner of the home page.

    revolutionary in its soothing capacity.

  3. saddleshoos

    wild, I don’t know if it is the one you gave me. They are all identical and once I put them all in the cupboard it became impossible to tell which the wild cup was. I’m sorry.

    I love the cup you gave me. It soothes.

  4. It’s like the secret soothing cup—anonymous, not calling attention to itself, almost possessed of a modest quality, in its unannounced soothing.

    Liz I am still like just 1/2 a human after last night. I am officially “too old for this.” Here’s to a soothing Monday!

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