Morning Links

Is Saddleshoos channeling Sontag? Rimpletide

Mark Bittman is out-food-journaling me and I like it. Bitten

The author of Pink Wallpaper is soothing my inauguration fatigue with an update on David Collins work and boy do I love those ikat panels in the bar!  Why am I so ikat-obsessed?  Is ikat over? Pink Wallpaper

Jenny Davidson is teaching 18th century English satire this semester, may I join in? Light Reading



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3 responses to “Morning Links

  1. Those ladies in the photo have three bottles of Champagne open for just the two of them.

  2. thanks for the link on the balloons…so pretty!! and for mentioning my blog!

    • Shannon,

      I LOVE Pink Wallpaper. I’m VERY picky about design blogs too–but something about yours (perhaps the pinkness?) just speaks to me. I’m so devastated about Domino. Would you consider going full time and into print? At least we still have Elle Decor, but I’m terrified for the fate of any business these days. Keep posting! I need my dose!


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