Flower of the Day: Magnolia Soulangiana

This is a special month, because it is the one month this year that my Magnolia Soulangiana, or tulip magnolia tree, is in bloom, along with many others like it around Rockridge.  While some sources claim it’s a mid-spring bloomer, I’ve always experienced it in Rockridge in mid-January and February.  

I’ve been meaning to post some pictures, so here they are:


A clipping with a few flowers looks phenomenal in a vase.  So easy–no arranging required.

Here’s a view with the morning sun streaming through the branches:


Nirvana: In Bloom

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One response to “Flower of the Day: Magnolia Soulangiana

  1. Beautiful! And the song.

    I love these trees.

    I’m going to walk around
    and look at every one.


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