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Department of Eagles@Cafe du Nord

I caught Department of Eagle’s late show at Cafe du Nord last night–such a big treat.  DOE’s descent on the city was like the parting of the clouds in the midst of the darkness of January.   


Cafe du Nord runs that fine line between a romantic old world establishment and dive-y underground club, which made it perfect for Department of Eagles. 

Department of Eagles’ performance, enhanced by bassist Matt Million and Christopher Bear, was absolutely mysterical.   Continue reading


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Morning Links

Is Saddleshoos channeling Sontag? Rimpletide

Mark Bittman is out-food-journaling me and I like it. Bitten

The author of Pink Wallpaper is soothing my inauguration fatigue with an update on David Collins work and boy do I love those ikat panels in the bar!  Why am I so ikat-obsessed?  Is ikat over? Pink Wallpaper

Jenny Davidson is teaching 18th century English satire this semester, may I join in? Light Reading



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Announcing: New Terri Timely site

Same address, new look:  Check it out!  

New on the site: Check for “Cecil” in the short films section.  It’s a kick. 


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The Dinner Table Report

Last night I made Fennel-Rubbed Pork Loin with Roasted Fennel Wedges (available on or in this month’s Gourmet Magazine). 

I love pork loin and am always on the look out for new recipes for it so when I saw this as I was browsing epicurious for a dinner recipe I decided right away I’d try it.

Overall it was a huge success.  I. liked it even though he thinks he doesn’t like fennel (roasted fennel root doesn’t taste anything like raw fennel) and the pork turned out juicy.  As one of the comments on epicurious states, 15 minutes at 350 is hardly enough time for the loin to cook.  I think mine was in a 350 for more like 25 minutes, but I relied on a meat thermometer to read between 140 and 145.  

I’d like to experiment with adding another ingredient to this recipe to add a dash of sweetness.  Pork tends to benefit from a sweet flavor, and although this dish was far from sour, there was just something missing.  I wonder what would happen if another, sweeter alcohol was substituted for the wine.  

Oh-and this recipe gets extra points for being SO SIMPLE.  There is really hardly any prep involved.  I did it as a simple one-dish meal without even a salad on the side and we were totally satisfied.


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Morning Coffee

Use your nice things everyday.  


I looooove Raynaud’s Jardin Celeste.  Coffee in my Jardin Celeste made my morning that much nicer.

Don’t skimp on your coffee.  My favorite is the Ethopian organic/fair trade from Trader Joe’s.  SOooooo yummy, nutty, dark, etc.



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Pitchfork Catches Up

A great review of my favorite album of 2008…finally! 


Terror fist-bumping at the Hague 11/20/08

The Pitchfork review


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Don’t you just LOVE these?

Thank you ffffound and booooooom for posting.  Visit Claire Nereim here.

Claire is in the Bay Area.  Visit etsy to purchase her work.

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