Flowering Fruit Trees

I’ve been reveling in the warmth of the past two weeks.  So too have our fruit trees apparently.  SF Citizen reports on the early flowering of our fruit trees due to the unseasonable weather.  More evidence is available all over Rockridge.  Here’s one early bloomer on Lawton en route to College Avenue:


It’s hard to know whether to be happy or terrified by the onslaught of pink blossoms.  

Perhaps in Obama’s high profile first 100 days he could ratify the Kyoto Protocols.  I didn’t see this speech, but the rest of the world took note.    

Here’s to a summer of serious water rationing in California.  Plant some lavender.  


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5 responses to “Flowering Fruit Trees

  1. djcnor

    Meanwhile, in Norwich, UK, when the UK is in the middle of the worst snow storm in 18 years, I came upon a couple of Egyptian geese wandering around in the snow with their 10 brand new goslings. I’m sure they were saying, “Mama, are you sure this is a good idea?”

  2. It is so nice to see a picture of a flowering tree. Our temperatures are not even above freezing.

  3. djcnor

    Actually, saddleshoos, don’t worry. I called the Royal Society for the Preservation of Birds to ask if there was anything to be done, and they assured me that though that this was a very early goose family, the parents knew what they were doing and the little puffballs would survive. I was still worried though, so I googled “Egyptian geese goslings snow” in images, and was surprised to find, sure enough, a picture of an adult and two goslings on a snowy walk.

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